2020 Nevada QSO Party

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The Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society is proud to present the Nevada QSO Party which will be an annual event on the second full weekend in October. This year it will start at 2000 hours Nevada time (PDST) on Friday, October 9 (0300z 10/10/2020) and run until 1400 on Sunday, October 11 (2100z 2010/11/2019)

The objective of this contest is to activate and work all 17 of the counties in Nevada. Nevada stations will work anyone, anywhere, and out of state stations will work Nevada Stations. All stations may be worked up to three times using the 3 different modes on each HF band and once on the VHF+ frequencies. Rovers in Nevada can be worked again when they change counties.

The VHF+ band will consist of all legal frequencies from 50 MHz up to 1300 MHz. In order to bring a lot of new hams into contesting, we are allowing the use of repeaters on these frequencies. There are linked systems which will allow out of state contacts. All modes will be allowed.

On the HF side, Phone, CW, and Digital modes will add multipliers to the QSO points. All digital text modes are allowed with all counting the same. This year we will allow the WSJT-X modes, please see the rules for the special procedures to use FT8. Additionally, we are scoring multipliers per band and using the 84 ARRL/RAC sections instead of states and providences.

Logging software from N1MM+ will have the ability to work on this contest. For those that are using paper and pencil or some other logging method that does not produce a Cabrillo file, we also have the WA7BNM Cabrillo log maker at http://www.b4h.net/cabforms/nvqp_cab3.php which will allow you to build a Cabrillo file. All entries over 10 contacts must submit an electronic Cabrillo log.

We also have a sign-up form to allow stations to sign up for the counties which they will activate. We are going to try and get operators out in all counties and have all modes covered. Please use this form if you are going to be operating in Nevada.

The complete rules are listed under the "Rules" tab above. Please read the FAQs for additional information.

We are looking forward to your participation in this contest!