2020 Nevada QSO Party Soapbox

Soapbox comments:

SOAPBOX: Tnx for QSO party and contact, 1W from Chicago, IL 73 de ab9bz
SOAPBOX: Didn't hear many Silver Staters, but it was fun searching them out. Thanks for setting up the party! 73,
Dave K5IX
SOAPBOX: Single Operator from Home QTH, Dyer, NV. NVESM Esmeralda County. All CW on a Straight Key (I did use the rig keyer memory to call CQ some, 90 watts to a 133 foot long end fed antenna up 25 feet, flat top configured (N to S) . No logging program, manual cabrillo entry. W7WOW
SOAPBOX: This was another last minute multi-contest remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook. In addition to AZ, PA & SD QSO parties, I found time to look for NV stations and was disappointed in the sparse W7 turnout for their own QSO party. Read more about this GiG at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.Com WQ6X
SOAPBOX: Usually I am lucky to make 1 contact for this contest. NV rules allow FT8 QSOs using Field Day mode, and I made 2 that got me another multiplier. I even managed a 15m CW contact when the band opened. The best I have ever done in this contest. Great fun! K4VBM GA
SOAPBOX: Not easy to find Nevada stations on the bands. Happy to find and work at least 2 for the State QSO party challenge. DL3DXX
SOAPBOX: Only heard one station here in Massachusetts. N1AXD
SOAPBOX: Surprised I did not hear many NV stations on CW on 20 or 40 mtr Still need NV for LoTW WAS N2BZD
SOAPBOX: Wish there could be more activity from NV stations. A lot of competition from the other 3 QSO parties going on. You might consider the format of the Maine QSO Party a few weeks back where out of state stations could work other out of state stations for one point credit. This would make it much more enticing for other out of state stations to participate in your QSO Party.
73’s Bill KV0I
SOAPBOX: Good contest. However, (this is NOT a fault of NVQSO) it should be a policy that all state QSO parties use the same exchange format so QSOs could be seamlessly inter-logged when QSO parties fall on the same date. WB2AWQ
SOAPBOX: camp right on the county line, nothing out here but the old hiway. the other qso parties going on at the same time really made it a challenge NV7LV
SOAPBOX: K3/10 driving a Ten Tec 405 amp to 50 watts out, to a pair of 60' dipoles up about 45' fed with ladder line and an old Matchbox tuner. Thanks for the Party! C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
SOAPBOX: Thanks for good ears and antennas in NV hearing my 2-watt QRP signal!! Rig: Softrock RXTX Ensemble, Quisk S/W xcvr, 1/4-wave vertical, 32 radials.
-- Ben AC2YD --
SOAPBOX: NV QP team, thanks for this contest. It was a pleasure to work all the guys/gals in my home state. Soapbox comment: having the contest on the same weekend as the Arizona and Pennsylvania QPs is a mixed blessing. It creates a lot of added activity for Nevada operators, but for out-of-staters trying to work Nevada, the challenge is daunting. There are far more AZ & PA stations on the air, which means constant QRM while searching for the elusive NV signal amid the avalanche of other-state QSOs. On the other hand, FB for including repeater contacts. My ability to get into the SNARS system, thanks to that super machine at Mt. Rose, upped my score exponentially. FB!
Ron Russell, KG7OR
Lodi, CA
SOAPBOX: Another fun expedition! Only a two county line this year, but just as much fun. KG7D
SOAPBOX: TOO MANY QPs to score usng Excel.... TR4W needs to create a 4QP confg for this Testing the remote station during my annuaI maintenance trip to IN KJ9C
SOAPBOX: Rig was FTdx5000 and Butternut vertical. Nice to hear more than last year. 40M becoming good. W1END
SOAPBOX: "Greetings from warm and sunny Florida." K3TW